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New Live Webcams from Pandora’s Box Dungeon NY

Come and enter the world of New York Dommes at home in their “go to” Dungeon,  Pandora’s Box NY.  In association with our Dommes and Subs will be streaming live one on one webcams as well as live shows.  Real is an understatement and if you ever fantasied about serving a real Dominate (not an actress) this is your chance.  Let’s say you fall in love with serving your Mistress??? Come to our Dungeon and experience it live. You may never be able to experience your kinky fetish if you just don’t try.

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Mistress Valentina “Dirty Little Piggy Fantasy” continues.. for Femdom for Femdom

Dirty Little Piggy Fantasty continues... 

Written by: 
Mistress Valentina

 Just as I am waking up I can sense my dirty slaves presence from across the room. He’s so pathetic. He showers me in gifts and compliments and I shower him in my fecal matter and urine. I willl often tease him by dancing in front of him barely clothed while he is chained to the floor. Its most amusing when i watch him struggle to get closer to me- the metal from the shackle s breaking his skin. Oh how I love to deny him what he craves most. He cannot even control himself.

He’s a man- a pig; an ignorant form of life that deserves to be punished and treated like his kind have treated many women before. His penis is hard- and this is the perfect opportunity to kick him in his fully errect penis. He lets out a scream like a little girl. “Shutup slut!!” I scream as my whip comes down on his bare ass.

I hate when he replies so pathetically “thank you Mistress Valentina” after I Read the rest of this page » Femdom Movies and Stories

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The Nature of the Beast…By: Mistress Layla

Mistress Layla of

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By: Mistress Layla

The NY Skyline is decorated with countless buildings that contain busy bees. From Sun up to Sun down these bees work hard. They fax, file, and communicate to be sure we all get the goods and services companies are required to deliver. These busy bees also count the clock. Waiting for that moment they can get a break; just a couple of hours away from documents and concrete to indulge in just one-hidden fantasy. Below the beautiful skyline Manhattan is also lined with liquor stores, bakeries and some stores that when passed spark a bit of delight. There amongst the books by the door lie various ads one would never bother to touch unless they are hungry for play.

All of a sudden there is something new. A simple glance has turned into a vice, an addiction Read the rest of this page »


This Guy is a Real Shithead Starring Mistress Harley

Female Domination film company is proud to announce Mistress Harley and her first movie for us.  The problem is she has this asshole that just won’t shut up and is always telling everybody what to do??  A REAL SHITHEAD!  Mistress Harley takes matters in her on own hands by tying him down and abusing him and then some satisfaction for herself.  Go download this clip at

Mistress Rachael Harley of

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A Day in the Life of My Pet by Mistress Brenda Star

A Day in the Life of My Pet

By: Mistress Brenda Star

(this story is based off a true story that happened with my faithful sub on a weekend away together. For the sake of concealing identity the subs name is Wendel)

Every morning Wendel wakes up at approximately 6am and gets himself ready for the day at hand. The first task at hand is to ejaculate into a translucent cup and screw the cap back on tightly. The size of this cup is about the size of a normal 1cup measurer. Then it’s off to shower which consists of a very regimented routine. Firstly, lube and fingering of the butthole is required because what follows is a small buttplug. Once plugged up, he enters the shower and uses very fragrant products. I truly enjoy my subs smelling so sweet you just want to eat them up. A thorough body shave is followed after cleansing, this includes close attention to the anal, testical and nether region between here and there. When perfection is not accomplished Mistress gets very… very angry! When satisfied that cleanly perfection is reached then the sub is allowed to towel off and use a lot of moisturizer to maintain silky skin. Lastly, the canister is worn around his neck with a silver chain.

Femdom Story at

Femdom Story at

It’s now about 7am and Mistress Brenda will be up at 8am and expect breakfast. Not much time is left to get dressed for the day and prepare breakfast. The uniform is always kept organized neatly in the closet which in the mornings it’s a Maid’s uniform. The maid’s uniform consists of a rubber …

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Her Majesty by Amazon Kali

Amazon Kali

Amazon Kali of

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You are sitting alone in a room. It has been so long that you couldn’t guess what length of time has passed. At first, your thoughts were irritatingly restless, but for a while now they’ve been simmering quietly. There is a slight change in the atmosphere, and after an eternity of sameness you sense it like a sledgehammer. The walls tremor faintly and there is a distant beat of sound. Soon it is clear that the rhythm is the fall of feet, large ones, clacking aggressively as they approach. Silence. Then the door clicks and is hurled open.

Goddess Kali enters the room like a natural disaster, awesome and glorious. Her colossal Read the rest of this page »

Another Day at the Box by Mistress Layla

Mistress Layla of

Mistress Layla of

It is a warm day outside. Definitely not a normal day for Winter weather in NYC. We are steaming hot here in the dungeon. Each room has the sounds of S&M slavery delight. Mistress Mariah has a willing slave impaled on the cross with screams of forgiveness he is quickly released and put in rope bondage. Both hands and feet spread eagle. Crop in hand…. What do you think she has on her mind?

I like the sweat that has begun to accumulate under my latex as I walk into Chinese Torture. My cat suit fits like a glove and it screams utter devotion. What shall I do to this willing playmate? Role play? Shall I be the spy or is he my cuckold. Does he deserve the opportunity to switch and feel what it is like to hold the power and Read the rest of this page »



I am hungry and haven’t eaten food in days but I lie still and quiet for fear of waking her up. Sometimes she can be in a really bad mood. On a bad day she will feed me her fecal matter in a bowl and drink her urine from a cup. On a good day (for me) she will directly use my mouth as her toilet. She knows how much I enjoy this and she has to feed me somehow. Regular food is out of the question with my Mistress.

She sees how nasty and dirty my mind is and she doesn’t seem to mind at all. As if I am just another one of her little play toys. I hope she doesn’t get tired of me and throw me away like the others so I try not to complain and abide by her strict set of rules.

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A Midsummer’s Nightmare for a Misguided Misogynist by Mistress Haley

A Midsummer’s Nightmare for a Misguided Misogynist

By: Mistress Haley

As Heathcliff, known locally as “The Village Bozo,” sauntered about the park at dusk, flexing his flabby muscles, skipping rope, and taunting young women, he spotted two “femme fatales” (Haley and Jasmine) who were stretching and relaxing on the lawn, and practicing intricate yoga stunts.

Heathcliff, who gave failure a bad name, had an IQ of a hemorrhoid, and the personality of one. His shit-eating grin was a fixture on his ugly face, as he boldly approached these two robust, attractive vixens and immediately challenged them to a contest of jumping rope as well as blind man’s bluff.

He had a long jump rope, whereas Haley “The Comet” and Jasmine “Flower Power” kept an eyeless spandex hood in their gym bag for the unexpected. (If you give such an oaf as Heathcliff a rope, he’ll hang himself-literally) Haley and Jasmine have virtually no tolerance for cretins such as Heathcliff, and proceeded to bait him into a deal, wherein they would provide him x-rated videos, if he was capable of skipping Read the rest of this page »

A Real Story from a Sub

This was written by a sub and given to me with permission to post. There was a steady stream of activity at the Dungeon – phone calls, visitors, Mistresses – all creating an ongoing buzz around the front waiting area. Following my session I had been loitering for some time with Madison and the Domme-in-charge  I got no sense from them, however, that I had yet overstayed my welcome and – being in no rush – was thrilled to linger on! Indeed, my night of play in the dungeon was just beginning… When a caller was buzzed in I was sent like a guilty schoolboy into the corner of the entry area to maintain necessary discretion. Mistress Madison had to duck out of sight, as well, and each time she took it as another opportunity to inflict some minor verbal dart – making sure to keep me in my place. The three of us were back around the front desk drinking Read the rest of this page »

This is What a Whore Looks Like Starring Mistress Leigh & Sub Pepper

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The Takeover – A Story from a NY Mistress

The Takeover

Written by: 
Mistress Asha

Mistress Asha of

Mistress Asha of

Today is the day of my big interview with VP of a very big company. I am dressed in my best garters, and silkiest stockings, ready to take on this Head Honcho. We shall call him “MR F” for now. This will not be any ordinary interview, at least not for him. I do not just want a job; I want to own his company. My aim is to make him sign his company over to me by any means necessary.

If my beauty and brains are not enough, well then I will just have to add some of my sadistic charm…lol.

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I enter his office, locking the door behind me unbeknownst to him. I introduce myself “Good morning MR F, I am here for the position of administrative assistant.”Have a seat” he replies as he drools over my cleavage peeking from the top of my white blouse. I can see him Read the rest of this page »

Dungeon P.O.V. and Kink KOD Now Open for Business

It was only a matter of time before the biggest of both coasts got together to offer great femdom movies. East Coast’s Pandora’s Box Dungeon’s new video company DungeonPOV and West Coast’s top provider of fetish movies Kink’s “KOD” decided to introduce Femdom point of view videos from the top East Coast Mistresses.

The POV movies are mostly shot in the legendary Pandora’s Box Dungeon in New York City.  It’s a match made in dungeon heaven which we guess is hell for you!  You will enjoy real Mistresses performing in front of the camera.  Remember, these are real Mistresses not porn actresses so you will experience the real thing as you were in session in our dungeon.

We hope you enjoy what we are providing and keep coming back as we are uploading one video per week!!

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